Some dirtbag stole my debit card number. And I only wrote one chapter today. But I have a Steven Seagal t-shirt, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

RL Stine graffiti? #goosebumps (at Caracas Arepa Bar)

My new kicks arrived that I designed myself. I went for an 80s tough guy feel - black leather and blue jean. #streettough #newbalance

Going all Bob Ross. #paintnite #paintnight

This is what I was actually supposed to paint #paintnight

Feelin it. #paintnight

#paintnight with friends. What you’re looking at is my 1st painting ever. I went a little too psychedelic.

Into the fray again. Book #4. #tmnt

I ate my first shrimp tonight and did not die. #suckitfakeallergies (at Cantina Royal)

UPS: United Pepe Service #pepegram